Mixed IPMI types in envionment

I have a Dell r410 and Dell r640, both running ESXi. They are registered as SNMP devices in LibreNMS. I’ve added their IPMI details to LibreNMS and only the r640 is working.

The r640 supports IPMI v2 only with encryption (even though key is set to 00)
The r410 supports IPMI v1.5 / IPMI v2 only with no encryption.

I can get ipmitool to talk to the r640 using -I lanplus, the r410 needs -I lanplus and -C 0 or -I lan (to get 1,5).

If I override the ipmitype for the r410 in the SQL database to ‘lan’ then the r410 poller succeeds but isn’t shown in ‘health’ as running the discovery overrides the ipmi type back to ‘lanplus’.

I’m not sure why the discovery script thinks ‘lanplus’ as worked as it replies in the capture window with: Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session

Many thanks in advance!

Unsubtle bump.

Any help greatly appreciated, will add as an issue.

Many thanks.