Modbus collect data from Fronius solar inverter

Hello everyone,

I have read about people trying to use Modbus to collect information, and it doesn’t seem that anyone has posted a success story.

I am about to get a Fronius inverter which supports Modbus TCP.

I would ideally like to collect the information from the inverter and the graph it on my LibreNMS monitoring server. That way all my monitoring is in a one stop shop.

I am aware of the Check_modbus_tcp Nagios plugin, but I’m not sure how I graph the information, if I managed to collect it.

I would greatly appreciate some additional pointers as to where I can look to make this happen.

Kind regards,


@Coolkid currently, there is no standard way to do this. One option would be to hack in something one-off just for the device you want.

For proper support these things need to be added to LibreNMS:

  • Secure Credential Storage
  • Multiple polling protocol support

Those are some big tasks, so the first option is acceptable in my opinion.

May be the solution is to go with a device that will do the MODBUS to SNMP conversion.