Modifying the content of the worldmap

Hi folks,

I hope to have only an easy question I’m trying to solve this since months.
The entire environment works excellent.
The thing I want to achieve is what I had with observium in the past.
This belongs to the worldwap where also the hosts/switches/etc., which are set as ignored, should be displayed.
In my case I have a lab and external devices, which are not always powered on, which would result in a relative red map, that’s why I set this to ignore, but then they are not shown at all.

Do you have an advice?

Thanks and best regads

I think they will still show if you use scheduled maintenance and the devices will show up as blue icons on the world map.

Hi Kevin
thanks for the hint and yes they appear now in blue, which is good so far, but now they appear in the main screen as down, what they didn’t before.
Is there another possibilty?

Thanks in advance