Monitor bind9 DNS application

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i have FreeBSD11 server where i run my bind9 Cache DNS server, i already install snmpd in the server and i added to my LibreNMS system. everything seems working fine.
i would like to monitor the DNS therefore i just enabled bind app from edit as the following

but i am still get nothing in the graphs regarding the DNS usage
you kind help please.

Have you extended your snmpd.conf with the needed bind command and copied the file inplace?

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Exactly what Jarod2801 said, you need to follow the doc and set it up before you flip the switch in the web ui.

here is my modules, already enabled

i will follow the DOC
many thanks

@busy that dosnt do anything unless you have configured the app on the remote server.

Just to give you info about my experience:
Try to use the “SNMP extend” way.

It’s easier than the agent way!

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This link doesn’t seem to work anymore?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to open an old thread, but I would like some help in getting BIND monitored.
I have followed the documentation as suggested, yet I still get NAN values in all the BIND application graphs

Below is my /etc/snmp/bind.conf file on the target DNS server running BIND9:

And below is what i see in LNMS:

BIND application is also enabled in the host settings in LNMS.

Any tips please ?