Monitor Cisco Port-channel ports

I’m looking for a solution to monitor the port-channel ports (members) and get alerted when one member of the Po is down or it’s suspended.

I managed to create an alert rule for the whole Po but this is not enough for me, i want to be informed when one of the Po members has issues also.

Actual my alert rule look like this for the Po:
ports.ifDescr LIKE ‘Port-channel%’ AND macros.port_down = 1

The option to add each port one-by-one to monitor and get be alerted is not acceptable for me, because we manage more 100 of switches and it’s waste of time to add the members manually to monitor.

I’m looking for an automatically solution.

thanks for any suggestion.

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Quick update.
For a workaround, i have assinged the same description to all the port-channel ports and i’m monitoring it with this rule:
ports.ifAlias = “!Important Trunk Link - Don’t disable!” AND macros.port_down = 1

This is not what i was looking for so if anybody has a better idea, feel free to add your thoughts.

Did anyone get this working? All i need is to monitor (and alert) the seperate interfaces in a port channel. I can see LibreNMS has a mechanism to group the interfaces by port channel in the GUI, but looking in the database and LibreNMS code doesn’t help me further.

I am using a solutions to monitor ports Po[0-9]+ on specific Cisco devices and look for the speed of the port. For example, I know that the trunk channels should have a speed of 20 Gbps. If one member of the port channel goes down, the speed is updated to reflect this change.

I guess, the “Port Speed Degraded”-rule in the rules collection would work for that solution.

Other than that, on a Cisco device, the portchannel members are displayed in the web UI - so that information must be somewhere in the system. I couldn’t find it in the table “ports”, but the API endpoint


seems to give You that. It’s under “Devices” in the documentation.

[Oh! I think, I have to try this out myself…]

(Note: get_port_stack get’s me some mappings, but I can’t identify a port channel in there. Tried it on Cat45 and Cat95, the first has one port channel, the second hast two port channels configured. Either I missed something in the documentation or this is a dead end when it comes to Your the original question.)