Monitor Secondary IP on existing device

So we are monitoring a Cisco ASA firewall with two internet connection (primary and failover). The device was added using the primary IP, however I would also like to monitor the secondary IP to ensure that it is available and capable of providing internet should the primary failed.

I am unable to add the second IP as a device as it recognizes that the IP is attached to a device already configured. How can I do this?

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Good point. The main issue with ASA is that you cannot ensure which device is primary nor secondary. Only active and standby, as they swap IPs. I personnally don’t monitor the 2nd one, and only rely on the status of the redundancy on which I can alert if the secondary is not standby ready.

Now, if you want to add it, you can probably create a DNS entry for the secondary and add by DNS, or even add by a random name (which will fail, so you must force add) and then manually force the IP from the settings page of the device.


thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstand the issue. This is not HA, but rather one ASA with 2x internet connections

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