Monitoring a website

Hi there, I’ve had a google and a read of the FAQ but can’t seem to find anyone who’s had the same question. I use LibreNMS to monitor our network hardware, and it’s great. We’re looking around at alternatives for Nagios, which is used for website polling and I was thinking Libre would be great, having said that it doesn’t seem to support website polling. I’m assuming it’s not supported, am I missing something?

LibreNMS can use Nagios plugins:

so you can use say, check_http, with the command strings you use in Nagios, to create a service on a device to poll.

Oh wow! That’s fantastic, I’ll have a play. Many thanks for thelp @micoots

You’re welcome. In my test environment, using that works a treat:

Looking good so far, can’t believe how easy it was. LibreNMS even discovered hosts with port 80 open!

Hey Steve, Did you incorporate nagios plugin as well? or just simple enabled application discovery for Apache in libreNMS UI?

Can you walk me through the steps micoots?
I have tried to monitor port 80 since few days and tried everything but there is a X appearing everytime…