Monitoring cloud server best practices


I am new to LibreNMS. I am running a local NMS in my office. We have several servers on AWS as well as Digital Ocean. What is the best practices for monitoring external cloud servers? Should I expose SNMP to the public internet and then have the servers talk to the NMS or is there a better way of doing this? I would prefer not to expose SNMP publicly if I dont have to.

You can configure your AWS Security Group to allow SNMP port to and from your office IP. That won’t expose the port to the whole world. Anther way of doing it would be to establish a VPN. I have a wireguard VPN tunneled to my AWS and Linode servers from my office LibreNMS.


There is this article in the documentation, for remote monitoring.

I have a librenms on Digital Ocean, the LibreNMS server is accessing the private network through VPN via OpenVpn.