Monitoring of GlusterFS


Hi all,
I’m new to LibreNMS and so far I’m really liking it. What I am trying to do though is specifically monitor a cluster that’s running GlusterFS and am hitting a roadblock. I was trying to use Nagios but wasn’t having much luck, I was recommended to try LibreNMS and attempt to install the Nagios plugins for Gluster, but still not having much luck.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone else here that is able to monitor their GlusterFS environment? I’m open to anything even if it’s not LibreNMS. I do like the software enough to replace our old SNMP monitoring for this, so it’s most certainly not time lost on my end! This is really a great project!

Thank you!


You should post what you’ve tried so far.


OK, please bear with me as I’m new to NMS in general, and I didn’t learn how to use Nagios either before I went with LibreNMS.
What I’ve done beyond adding the nodes via SNMP is I’ve enabled Nagios plugins and attempted to run some of the stock ones to get an idea of how they work. So far it seems that the Nagios plugins all execute on the local server with LibreNMS and passes the hostname of the remote server with the -H switch. The issue is that all of the ones I tried to run do not support the -H switch and would fail, so I have not gone so far as to try and download one of the check_gluster scripts. Additionally, when I was trying out Nagios I was unable to figure out how to run any of the check_gluster scripts against the remote hosts either.


I guess the check_gluster scripts won’t execute remotely as it won’t be accessible remotely. So you will be limited to monitoring localhost with this.