Monitoring PPPOE Accounts on Librenms

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Is there any possible way to collect stats on ppoe accounts that can have a parent router reachable over maybe a public ip address.

Hi @KagwaiMaina
Nothing is impossible if the device is providing the data. What device are you polling ? The LNS/DSLAM ? The CPE ? Which device ? Do you see the information when you manually scan the SNMP replies of the device ?

i have a mikrotik router running PPOE accounts, and they are all on a private network. The router sits outside my network but is reachable over a public ip address. no tunnels configured so unless i do a port forward i can’t access the ppoe user without going via the main routers public ip address. That is the nature of the current network

In order for a device to be discovered, it must be reachable by the LibreNMS server.
The Mikrotik LNS will be OK, you’ll be able to monitor it, and will provide you the list of PPPoE users currently connected, as well as the bandwidth they use and any other stat the LNS has.
But the PPPoE routers on the far end (CPE side) will not be monitored if you cannot reach them from LibreNMS,