Monitoring Quagga/BGP Sessions

Is anyone familiar with trying to monitor BGP sessions on a linux server running Quagga?

I don’t think LibreNMS will pull in BGP from Quagga by default, based on testing I’ve done.

I’d appreciate any ideas/suggestions for this.


I have no experience with quagga whatsoever but have you tried enabling snmp support?

@laf or anyone with history in the development of LibreNMS know if the link below is something thats been incorporated into or dropped in the current design? I know this is super old. I am just unsure if I enable SNMP monitoring within Quagga if I need to do anything else within LibreNMS to pick things up or if it will be able to pull things in.


That just looks like a link to a mirror of our main repo.

Why don’t you just enable snmp and see what you get?

i am getting same issue.
LibreNMS couldn’t detect any quagga BGP routing. i am running Debian 9.

You have to recompile quagga with snmp support due to the openssl licence.

Thanks @trs80
You’re right. Quagga needs to be enabled snmpd.

I am finding a way to add support for quagga on Debian 9. Anyone has idea how to do this?


I was able to get support once I enable SNMP (recompiled quagga with snmp) and setup agentx support.

What does your quagga config look like?

Following these steps for agentx seemed to work for me.