Monitoring Servers

I know this is primarily network monitoring and that servers can be monitored via smtp. The question is can librenms also use WMI like observium? If not I have also seen something about using a Nagios check? I would like to be able to monitor services? Product is amazing! It should be 1000 times more known, nothing else like it available.

It doesn’t support WMI yet.

But Windows has also a SNMP Client, with this you could get also all stuff which is monitored by LibreNMS.
Did you tried it?

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It seems that it has problems with Windows 2022 servers and support is failing… I googled that…

Any plans to bring WMI to librenms?

Thank you.

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WMI is still not supported, as i know.

If you need it in LibreNMS feel free to create a pull request which implements it as a new feature.
Help in removing bugs, adding functionality, features and hardware support well be appreciated every time.

IF you have questions, feel free to ask here in community on development channels, or in Discord for help.
Community will help you as good/far as possible.

please don’t post any code from obsevurim it’s copyrighted.

My apologies, I just copied and pasted the link… Will not do that again…

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