Monitoring sub interfaces on ScreenOS (netscreen SSG350M)

I am rather new to librenms and snmp.
We are monitoring some Juniper SSG350M through Librenms. We are quite happy with that, except that we would like to monitor subinterface (actually, they display the traffic from their root interface)
By subinterface, I am talking about vsi, vlan and tunnel interfaces

I made some research and I understand that I need to find the Juniper MIBs with the correct version I found here :
and I copy them in the MIB directory
How can I use the correct MIBs for the device on librenms?


Are they not just reported by IF-MIB still?

They are indeed reported but the trafic is not right, it is only reporting the trafic on the physical interface.
I add screenshots to my post to explain.
I put the mibs in snmpv2 in the directory /home/librenms/librenms/mibs/juniper with . Maybe I should have put them in /home/librenms/librenms/mibs directly?
After I rediscover my device but nothing changed
This is why I thought it is not used and I am a little bit lost
Physical interface :


Eth0/0.2 sub interface

Eth0/0.1:1 sub interface