Monitoring vmware

Is there any way to monitor datastores in VMware through LibreNMS? Or monitoring the guest VMs disk usage? We have recently installed a HPE Simplivity datacenter and I’m having issues being able to monitor it.

I havent seen that done. I just add all my VM’s to librenms. And also monitor the vsan.

That’s what I’m trying to avoid, having to add SNMP to Windows and Linux machines when the only things I want to monitor are disk usage and perhaps cpu and memory. I have no way at the moment to even monitor the datastores (Simplivity).

Setting up SNMP on windows and Linux is simple. You should be doing that anyway to get all your data into LibreNMS.

SNMP on Windows is not a good option I would say. Microsoft has talked for a long time about retiring the service also.

Its still working…

Yes, but totally unnecessary if you can monitor the VM instead :slight_smile: Opening ports between different networks is not a optimal solution, and a hassle to maintain if you have a large and complex network.

I’m with you 100% but somebody would need to figure that out and code it.