Monitoring Windows Services, CheckMK or Nagios Agent?

I have successfully set up a LibreNMS server.
With autodiscovery it finds all SNMP enabled devices in the network and monitors them.
These are mainly access points and switches.
Now I have SNMP enabled on a Windows server, there I see in the monitoring the most important things like utilization of CPU, RAM and memory.
I would like to monitor some services.
For example, I would like to be notified if a DHCP server stops working for some reason.
In the net I find hints that one should install a CheckMK agent or Nagios agent.
Which one do I have to install on my Windows server to monitor the services ?
Where can I find an actual step by step guide, what exactly I have to install and configure on the LibreNMS server, so that I can monitor Windows services ?
Thanks for your help

Would like to know this as well

Hello all,
I’m pushing this topic back up.
I probably got a little further, but not quite successful yet.

On a Windows server I have installed the Check_MK agent and opened the port 6556.
On the LibreNMS server I have installed and configured the Nagios monitoring tools.

Now I want to monitor the service wuauserv on the Windows server.
For this I go in Librenms to Add Services,
select nt at check_types and as parameter
-H -p 6556 -v SERVICESTATE -l wuauserv -d SHOWALL

After some time the entry changes to light blue and Unknown.
What is going wrong ?
Can’t the Check_MK agent on the server deliver the values ?
The port would be correct I think.

I can’t think of anything else right now, I would be grateful for help.
Many greetings

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Thanks for the info! I’ll give this a try in the lab later.

In the meantime, when troubleshooting nagios services I find it helpful to run them manually with debug output, and check for errors:
/opt/librenms/check-services.php -d

Hello Rocko,

I have run the test and I don’t see any errors, the output consists only of partially long SQL commands.

What I noticed, on the Internet I see screenshot of LibreNMS, where you make a new entry in the services.

There it says for selection Services, exactly I do not have.

I select NT here, whether that is so correct ?

As parameter I enter the following:-H -p 6556 -v SERVICESTATE -l Check-MK-Agent -d SHOWALL

After a few minutes I guess the server is queried for the service, but always get an Unknown.

If I change the port I get a timeout, that can’t be the reason.
If I shut down the Windows server, the two entries are red, as soon as I turn on the server again, they become light blue.

Do you or someone else have a tip for me ?

Thanks a lot

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