Monitoring Windows SQL Server and its databases

Hello Librenms Community,

I just installed LibreNMS on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine and I was looking to monitor SQL Server Express 2014 installed on Windows Server 2012 R2. I already installed nagios-plugins and enabled unix-agent. Also I added the Windows server host to monitor and added the dns service to monitor and everything is OK. What I really need is to monitor the SQL Server “if the sql service is up/down” and monitor the databases installed on it. Is there any nagios plugin to do it ? Can I monitor sql services using SNMP ? Is there any possibility to manually create a check_mk service for sql monitoring or anything else similar ?
Do you need any other information to help me ?
The LibreNMS is installed on a VM machine.

Thank you.

The nagios plugins are outside the scope for us but you should be able to run any of them within librenms. Try these: