More then one Graylog

We were using 5 standalone librenms installations with 5 different graylog servers. But we collect all librenms as “Distributed Poller” documentation for visual comfort.

But how can i integrate 5 different graylog server per location to “Distributed Poller” logic ?

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I hate to ask but why do you have 5 graylog servers? Graylog is clustered and has a “streams” concept for log isolation.

We have 5 wide area locations with low speed shared with end users. We do not want to saturate with syslog traffic.

Before this we 5 different librenms servers. But for visual comfort we made a central librenms server with distrubuted polling config. We have total nine poolers at remote locations for now. We are happy with this config, speed and saturation.

But we couldn’t find out a way to solve graylog.

You are the first one to want that, that I’ve heard. Since LibreNMS is a community project, you would either need to code that yourself or convince someone to code it for you.