Moving Database to New Libre server

I’m having issue’s with my current Libre Server and would like to migrate to a brand new instance of Libre on a new server. I’ve spun up a new VM running Ubuntu 20.0.4 and got Libre installed and running, now I would like to move my Libre Database from my old instance to my new one. On my old instance I was running Ubuntu 18.0.4 so I’m not sure if there will be issues there or not. If migrating is possible is it as simple as doing a sqldump on my old instance, install an ftp server on it, then go in and grab the dump from my new instance and restore it?

Why not to move the whole VM?

That’s basically what we did, we also copied the RRD files to have the graphs.

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I would like to do the same with my RRD files, do you recall where those are located? I see a rrdcached folder with a db folder and journal folder underneath it.

I found the RRD folder

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