Moving from regular install to Docker

Hi All,
I installed LibreNMS as a weekend project a few years ago, but I liked it a lot, I kept adding devices, and now I have ~3 years of data on a lot of devices in 5 different offices.

However, now I need to move the server from one office to another, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to also move to using Docker (for easy updates).

What I have:

  • Installation on Ubuntu 18.04, I guess I followed original documentation a couple years ago. But don’t remember a lor of details. My current installation is on PHP 7.3, so I am not receiving updates for a couple months.

What I would like to do:
I’ve been using LibreNMS in my homelab using docker-compose and I like how easy it is to update. So I would like to move my current installation to Docker version.

Is this doable?

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