MSTeams Json Template Output includes JSON

Im new to msteams messagecards but I started using your template from Librenms and for some reason it seems that the formatting is incorrect form my side as I get the alerts in MSteams but I get the JSON also in the teams message, Ive played around with the brackets but no luck if somebody can please point me in the right direction. Below is basic example

JSON(PS I added spaces between the @ sign and if’s in the example)

"@type": "MessageCard",
"@context": "",
"title": "{{ $alert->title }}",

@ if ($alert->state === 0)
“themeColor”: “00FF00”,
@ elseif ($alert->state === 1)
“themeColor”: “FF0000”,
@ elseif ($alert->state === 2)
“themeColor”: “337AB7”,
@ elseif ($alert->state === 3)
“themeColor”: “FF0000”,
@ elseif ($alert->state === 4)
“themeColor”: “F0AD4E”,
@ else
“themeColor”: “337AB7”,
@ endif
“summary”: “LibreNMS”,
“sections”: [

MSTEAMS message