Multi VLAN Configuration


I’m looking forward to use LibreNMS to monitor our new network environment. Since we are using different VLANS for our own network and other networks, I’ll need to connect to various VLANs simultaneously.
I’d like to install a fresh VM on a PVE (Proxmox) which I’m gonna connect to the head switch via one LAN connection.

The question is: How can I connect my VM to all VLANs with one physical or virtual NIC? Can I use 802.11q in a LibreNMS VM?

Hi @Shir0kxX
I am not sure I understand correctly. Do you have routing enabled in your network ? If yes, then you don’t need any VLANs on the VM, just configure your gateway as usual and you’ll reach all your devices.
If you don’t have routing enabled (and if you are sure that this is what you want) then of course you can create multiple network interfaces on your LibreNMS VM and put 1 leg into each VLAN.
It works technically but is far from beeing a best practice, to say the least.

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Hi @PipoCanaja

Thanks for your response!

That was an question from my supervisor, if a setup like this would be possible. I’d also route my way to all the vlans (subnets). Maybe I can convince him now.

Technically, anything (as dirty as you can imagine) that can be done with any VM can be done with LibreNMS VM … It is just a Linux VM at the end of the day :slight_smile: