Multiple Poller Question

We recently deployed a third poller and are seeing some oddness when polling. Previously to deploying this poller we were seeing roughly 50% of the devices being polled by the 2 pollers, after deploying the third we’re 1 poller polling the bulk of our devices while the other 2 pollers are only polling a few. For instance, sometimes poller 3 will poll roughly 3200 devices while the other 2 poll only about 50, and this will swap around to each poller and so on. If I turn off the third poller, the other two will eventually even out the load between them.

They are all in poller group 0. I saw something similar when we first built the system with the local server times didn’t sync up but I’m not seeing that this time around. Anybody have any idea’s on why this might be happening?

Are you using Not sure how fair that is with load distribution.

Yes, we’ve been using Prior to implementing this third poller it seemed to load balance across the previous 2 without issue.

You could either switch to the service or manually balance the load with poller groups.