My Traffic - Discards

just wondering if anyone know how or why i seem to have so many discards on my network.
also are these levels to worry about?

We get these across most of our switches.

Go read up about discards. They can be normal (for example multicast traffic where the port has no subscriptions) or abnormal.

well I had a quick look around but didn’t find much that was 100%.
got a URL of something worth reading?

Quick google = Layer 2 Discards Troubleshooting – RX TX Discards – Hasan Mansur

thanks, i think i was looking to libreNMS writeup.

Not really a LibreNMS topic. Maybe it would be a good thing to have a section of the documentation for network concepts.

Can you just let me know what this section is trying to tell me. Normally the uplink but this port has a CCTV camera in it. No reason for this information to be listed on the right… Thanks

The port is connected to those ports listed on the right.

Yeh but this only has a camera on it. I can’t see why it would think that it’s an uplink (listing them)

it seems that this port is a Layer3 port (has an IP address). At least LibreNMS thinks it does.
In that case, other devices in the same IP range would appear as connected.

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