Nagios plugin unknown after few seconds

I have installed nagios plugins and it seems working good but after my check_http is good for few seconds, it will go back to unknown.
When checking in cli, the check_http is working.

I don’t know what can be the problem…

validate.php is all good.

Thanks for your help!


I suggest you check if you have applied all the steps indicated here.

For me, with this configuration the Nagios plugins in LibreNMS work very well.


Thanks for your time!
I have double-checked and all this steps have been done.
Even it is working for 10 seconds, the status go back to unknown and this is reproductible for all the check types.

I have this config on another Librenms instance and it is working fine…


I currently have the very same problem. I followed the documentation of Aleferrari, but my services still doesn’t want to stay up (or why not down). It always go back to the status “Unknown” (Blue mark) after about one minute, and the cycle goes on every 5min.
On the logs, i only see my service going from “Critical” to “OK” at the checkup time and that’s all.
My validates.php show no errors whatsoever.
Thanks in advance to anyone who could guide me!


The correct thing is that for a new case to review, there will be a new thread in the forum.
That way, anyone looking for a future reference will not be confused.


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