Nagios Service state


I have installed the Nagios plugin and added 2 services to check our website. But the responds is Name or service not know.

I get the following Error.

Starting service polling run:

SQL[SELECT * FROM devices AS D INNER JOIN services AS S ON S.device_id = D.device_id AND D.disabled = 0 LEFT JOIN devices_attribs as A ON D.device_id = A.device_id AND A.attrib_type = “override_icmp_disable” ORDER by D.device_id DESC;]

Nagios Service - 1
Request: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_http -H https://www.****.com -S -w 3 -c 5
Perf Data - None.
Response: Name or service not known
HTTP CRITICAL - Unable to open TCP socket

Someone know how to fix this?

Solved it. had to use ****.com instead of https://www.

You can check URLs etc and even the content of the server reply. Check the check_http documentation online.

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Sorry for my late reaction. I have managed this by configuring http_content. I had to edit the script but it works now.