Name based polling not working


I’m having issues with polling Fortigate devices. I notice 1 of the SNMP commands failing because cluster and HA sync status is configured wrong here. The index is in place of the OID and the numerical OID is missing.

Now I can branch and request an MR to fix this but I was wondering if I’m correct and if there’s something wrong in my setup. Shouldn’t name based polling work?

This is what happens in the log:

SNMP['/usr/bin/snmpget' '-v3' '-l' 'authPriv' '-n' "" '-a' 'SHA' '-A' 'PASSWORD' '-u' 'USER' '-x' 'AES' '-X' 'PASSWORD' '-OUQnte' '-M' '/opt/librenms/mibs:/opt/librenms/mibs/fortinet' '-t' '3' 'udp:HOSTNAME:161' '.' '.' '.' 'fgHaSystemMode.0' 'fgHaStatsEntry']

Exitcode: 1  

If I perform the command manually and append -m FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB it works. Does that mean there’s something wrong in the command LibreNMS performs? I notice the mib directory getting included but it seems it does not have any use.

Yes, the sensor is wrong. When discovering the sensor, it should set the numeric OID, not the two textual ones that are shown there.

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