NAS boxes in LibreNMS

Has anyone had any joy monitoring Disk State in NAS boxes?

We have a load here, of various types; Synology and Qnap mainly. Some old Thecus.

None show the disk states in LibreNMS but I can get them in other tools. Ideally I’m after disk state and individual disk usage.

LibreNMS does want to show the disk temperature though. Which is nice.


What do you mean by disk state?
It Should it show disk utilization?

Thanks for the reply. I realised that my post wasn’t massively descriptive :slight_smile:

The issue is more to do with SNMP MIBs not being associated with devices. We have one QNAP device which is correctly associated with the NAS mib but all our other devices aren’t showing an association.

The disk state doesn’t seem to show for all devices either.

We’re sorted for temperatures though :slight_smile:


We have disk state for qnap and Synology.

Run ./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m sensors