Navigation bar draws over main portion of page

I added an /opt/librenms/resources/views/menu/custom.blade.php file to my LibreNMS install so I could have a drop down with a few additional links to other tools we use and a second one for links to useful files. Unfortunately, when I use my laptop the navigation bar adds a second row, which draws over the main portion of the page covering up some useful information and links. When the navigation bar adds a second row, the rest of the page should adjust to the new height of the navigation bar.

Seems that you added links up top (Other Net Tools, Helpful Links) which make it too long, this case seems not handled right now.

I was able to temporarily deal with this by combining the tabs, but now it has resurfaced since I enabled the Nagios plugins “Services” tab.

Just use web browser zoom out on laptop with low resolution and you will be fine :wink:

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That’s a good workaround! Probably should fix it for real, but using the browser zoom does the trick for now.