Need help to start adding canon printers counters and Supermicro Superdoctor sensors

Hi, I have some Canon ir-ADV printers and I would like to get printer counters on LibreNMS. I wrote a MIB using canon documentation and it works like a charme to GET values from OIDs using SNMPb. Now as I know, to integrate these counters in LibreNMS I have to write some scripts to add a OS or whatever helps LibreNMS to discovers these counters. Can somebody help me start writing scripts? I read the documentation, but didn’t well catched all the things.

Also, I have some servers with SuperDoctor installed that send motherboard sensors on windows SNMP, with Observium I got the sensors but unfotunately not with LibeNMS.

I’m ready to write and share the code, just need a hand to start.

Thank you.


Wait…what?!? You wrote the MIB file definition?

You should start here

Take another printer as an example:

About the Superdoctor… Depends on how it return the data it will be more easy or hard as hell.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes I did, it just give the counters and the standard definitions.
I can read them with snmpb, but when I try tro write a .yaml script for discovery I don’t know how to get the counters. Is there a counters modules? or any module that can poll integers values?

I’ll try to do with ricoh.yaml, I think I have to read the documentation more hardly. My french speaking doesn’t help me for that :stuck_out_tongue: