Need help with snmp v3

Trying to monitor a remote server for the first time using snmp V3. Librenms is giving me this when I try to connect:

 Adding SNMPv3 host: xx.xx.xx.xx port: 161
 Could not connect to xx.xx.xx.xx, please check the snmp details and snmp reachability
 SNMP v3: No reply with credentials mypassword/authPriv
 SNMP v3: No reply with credentials root/noAuthNoPriv

I am using thes entries when adding the device:

Hostname or IP xx.xx.xx.xx
SNMP Version v3
Port 161 udp
Port Association Mode: ifIndex
SNMPv3 Configuration
Auth Level: authPriv
Auth User Name: MyUser
Auth Password: MyPass
Auth Algorithm: SHA-512
Crypto Password: MyPrivPass
Crypto Algorithm: AES

This is my /etc/snmpd.conf (with commented lines removed):

sysLocation    Location, USA [xxxx,-yyyy]
sysContact     SysOps <[email protected]>

sysServices    72

master  agentx

agentAddress udp:161

view all    included  .1

createUser MyUser SHA-512 MyPass AES MyPrivPass

rouser MyUser authpriv

I have confirmed on the remote server with nmap that port 161 is open, and that snmpd is running.

Any help is appreciated…


I can connect fine using v2, but not v3. Any help would be appreciated…

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