Need to alter timeouts for everything globally

Hi there, new to LibreNMS and need some help. I have a very unstable network that I need to monitor. Timeouts and large gaps in connectivity are expected. (remote locations using cellular network) I am mainly doing ping only devices but have a handful using snmp to grab data.

I want to set up LibreNMS to tolerate outages as large as 30 minutes and ping with latency as high as 500 ms.

Thanks so much for your help

Hi @jtc242
The ping latency is easily changeable in the config.php file. You can find some details in the documentation here :
Concerning the outages as big as 30 minutes, one easy way to do this is to change the alert definition. Instead of matching “device_up == false”, you can add a time criteria (macros are defined for this), and then the alert will appear only whatever minutes after the device turned down.

Please confirm but I thought fast ping was completely different than the underlying ping used to detect if a host is up. If it is possible to use only fast ping and not the “core” ping then that might be feasible.

Thanks for the alert tip.

LibreNMS uses fping to check devices in general. And for that case you want to adjust those settings using this