Netdisco integration


I use both librenms and observium on my network, kind of in a middle of migration.
Basically my support team uses netdisco as the first portal for looking for host locations, changing port vlans, disabling or enabling a port and such…
Is there any way to do it with librenms?
Is there any integration between netdisco and librenms as there is with observium?

Will appreciate any help on of those…
Great tool guys!

Hi @Jacob_Ghattas1
There is not any official integration. In my environnement, we developed a plugin for LibreNMS that our support uses to change port vlans, port config, POE, Shut/NoShut, descriptions etc etc. It is too specific to be shared here.

For Netdisco, it seems that they allow “hooks” so you could trigger actions in LibreNMS when actions occurs in Netdisco (Configuration · netdisco/netdisco Wiki · GitHub)

I don’t see any other option so I don’t see what kind of other integration could be done.


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