Netflow / ipfix vizualisation in 2024?


Nfsen is very outdated, and the official guides doesnt work on Ubuntu 22.04. Has anyone integrated nfsen-ng or another netflow/ipfix vizualiser with LibreNMS? Any guides?

I know of some other external tools such as elastiflow, but I was looking into having something integrated along with LibreNMS.

It wouldn’t be a tool LibreNMS would be able to build itself. It would have to be something that could be integrated with LibreNMS. Any suggestions?

Not sure, but I guess nfsen-ng would be the closest to nfsen to integrate. GitHub - mbolli/nfsen-ng: Responsive NetFlow visualizer built on top of nfdump tools..

“nfsen-ng is an in-place replacement for the ageing nfsen.”

Requirements include rrdtool and php, which LibreNMS already uses.

I’ve used Elastiflow before, and it is very nice - but I have no idea how licenses would work. Also its running on top of an ELK cluster, which makes things a bit more complex just implementing that.

Akvorado is decent netflow solution.
Imo there is no currently any integrations with LibreNMS, except mentions in pull requests
that it’s possible in future - inlet: introduce metadata component with pluggable providers by vincentbernat · Pull Request #727 · akvorado/akvorado · GitHub

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