Netgate pfSense not recognised as a pfSense FW

My previous request was deleted even though I self-reported a follow-up post for deletion. Ah well. :wink:

Negate appliances are pfSense firewalls but the SysDecr flags as FreeBSD:

FreeBSD fw-01.example 11.3-STABLE FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE #233 2c992b2181a(factory-RELENG_2_4_5): Tue Mar 24 15:26:54 EDT 2020 [email protected]:/build/factory-crossbuild-245-amd64/obj/amd64/kkVaWThR/build/factory-crossbuild-2

The “” string may be enough to identify it? Happy to query it for any extra information if you need.

Cheers. comes from the hostname? That doesn’t seem like a reliable source to match against.

No, the hostname is ‘fw-01.example’ in this case, the Netgate reference appears to be a build reference string. Same sort of principle as the existing FreeBSD discovery being aware of the NAS types?

The release version could also be used to derive a reference: (factory-RELENG_2_4_5)