Netgear GS716tv3 wrong Uptime

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Netgear GS716Tv3, and possible GS108Tv3, GS724Tv4, GS748Tv4 which is the same series, show wrong uptime after reboot.

It seems this series changes a little bit the SNMP Tree with Firmware

MIB Download URL

Can you check uptimes from SNMP and post the values for each and which one has the correct value?


i don’t know which MIB string it is exactly but i found the correct uptime value on this tree:

i proved the uptime on following Switch Series:
GS716Tv3 (4th Generation Switch)
GS724Tv3, GS108Tv2 (3rd Generation Switch)

so i think it will be a general fix without problems for older Hardware Generations :slight_smile:

das the key helps you?
i didn’t found the MIB string at moment

i found MiB Entry:
“sysUpTime” returns the correct value. Also for older Series.

Link to Oid Reference:

You might need to set bad_snmpEngineTime or bad_hrSystemUptime for the os, depending on which value is bad.

where do i have to configure this?

For your install in config.php under $config['os']['osname']['bad_snmpEngineTime'] = true;
If you want to send it upstream, in the yaml file.

$config[‘os’][‘netgear’][‘bad_snmpEngineTime’] = true;

works like a charme. Thanks :slight_smile: