Netgear GS752TS Not Graphing or Showing Interfaces

There seems to be an issue with seeing the data pulled from a SNMP on 5 Netgear GS752TS Switches Stacked. It is able to discover the device, and it appears to know there are ports there on the “Overview” Page, But there are no ports displayed on the “Ports” Section, or underneath “Overall Traffic” graph.




I am able to snmpwalk the device from the librenms server

  • The output of ./validate.php

I am having a very Similar issue with a D-Link Device, but the ports are showing up under the “Overview” tab


Ports Section (Not showing graphs on the interfaces)

Again, I am able to snmpwalk the device from the librenms server

I have other network devices on the server that are working fine. (Dell, Cisco, Juniper)



I have used Firefox, Chrome, IE8/7/6.
Let me know if there is anything else I can provide for this.

So this just suddenly started working. Has there been any changes to code? No changes were made to the network equipment.

I found more information. Looks like when a discovery is ran… the ports are discovered and added ot the database. When the poller is ran, the ports are deleted from the DB for the device. This causes graphs to disappear, and i am not sure what happens when they are re-discovered.

I have the debug log files downloaded, but I can;t seems to load them. They are to large for pastebin, is there a separate place I can post them for you all?


Looks like this is the command from the poller that removes them.

SQL[SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `ports` WHERE `device_id` = '31' AND `ifType` = 'adsl'] 
SNMP[/usr/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v2c -c COMMUNITY -OQUs -m Q-BRIDGE-MIB -M /opt/librenms/mibs udp:HOSTNAME:161 dot1qPvid]

It causes a bunch of SQL DELETES on live interfaces. Example Below.

dot1qPvid.1 = 1

    [1] => Array
            [dot1qPvid] => 1

SQL[SELECT `name` FROM `port_association_mode` WHERE pom_id = '1'] 
SQL[SELECT *, `ports_statistics`.`port_id` AS `ports_statistics_port_id`, `ports`.`port_id` AS `port_id` FROM `ports` LEFT OUTER JOIN `ports_statistics` ON `ports`.`port_id` = `ports_statistics`.`port_id` WHERE `ports`.`device_id` = '31' ORDER BY ports.port_id] 
SQL[UPDATE `ports` set `deleted` ='1' WHERE `port_id` = '1104'] 

This happens for Almost every port.

However, If I goto the vlan, I am able to see all ports, and get a real time traffic graph.

Things I have tried,
adding and removing the device
Changing SNMP to v1/2c/3 - 3 does not work at all, cant discover it.
RRDTune all ports - Not sure if this did anything, or what it does, but it did not help

I am currently trying to contact netgear to help me install more MIB’s on the switch, but so far no luck.

If I havent posted yet. Below is the device ingormation

  1. Model           Boot Version             Software Version
  2. GS752TS	        B5.2.0.2