Netonix neighbors

Is there any way to get neighbors to show up with Netonix switches?
Using the current version of LibreNMS.
Netonix initial discovery and turning on LLDP in it made no difference. Using SNMPv2.
Nothing shows in ARP table in LibreNMS either.
That all shows in Netgear switches I have running under a similar config.



ARP only populates if the Netonix resolves IPs. Check the SNMP output if you are in doubt. FDB is likely what you want.
Are you using the current firmware? They only half-assed implemented the LLDP-MIB, so it may be broken and LibreNMS can’t make sense out of the data it sends.

LLDP does populate the neighbours tab on firmware 1.5.5, I just checked.

Had one on 1.5.5 and neighbour tab is not present. Had two on 1.5.0 and neighbour tab was not present. Upgraded those two and rediscovered, still no neighbour tab.
Neither have arp table info. I will dig a little further on that arp


Did you enable lldp on the device?

Yes it is enabled now. It was not when the device was discovered. I tried removing the device, made sure the LLDP was enabled, firmware is 1.5.5 and then adding the device again. SNMP v2c. Still no neighbours tab.