Network devices showing as offline

I am experiencing some trouble with LibreNMS showing some devices as offline when, in fact, they are pingable from the LibreNMS server and I can access their web consoles. I assume this is due to an SNMP issue of some sort, but the devices are on the correct SNMP community.
Are there any steps I can take to track down where the issue is occurring?

Try running snmpwalk from the command line of your Librenms server. If it doesn’t work, then Librenms won’t be able to scan the device.

snmpwalk -v 2c -c community_string IP_of_device

I found the issue and I completely forgot to post it here!

The issue: our MSP ran unannounced reboots on our VM hosts which changed the MAC address of the virtual adapter for our LibreNMS VM. The DHCP reservation is MAC-based so its reservation wasn’t applying. I had set the SNMP IP address in some of our network appliances to specifically go to LibreNMS, so they weren’t able to poll back. I updated the MAC address in the reservation, rebooted LibreNMS, and everything went back to normal.

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