Network_map draw only group devices in map

hi !

i use devices.sysName LIKE ‘n55-%’
and i use $config[‘network_map_items’] = array(‘xdp’,‘lldp’);
to draw a map
is it possible that in this map only n55- exists ?
because it show also neighbor devices and that is that i dont want ?
the problem is that the map is than confusing because of the number of devices


If you have your device groups setup, you can select from from the Maps → Device Groups Maps menu:

… and from there you can see the format:


i already use device groups maps but in the map there are also other neighbor devices which learned via cdp and not only n55 devices and that is my problem ?!

Yeah, I’m seeing the same behaviour as op.

I have a device group for network devices only, and when viewing that as a Device Group Map it will also display all known neighbours to those network devices, meaning printers, servers etc.