Network map only shows switches/router, not any other devices?

As far as I can tell, LibreNMS has gathered all the various peers via SNMP/FDB (and a few via LLDP, but other than the switches only our IP phones appear to support LLDP, and they all appear via FDB too). I can see all the IP / MAC mappings via FDB. However I can’t seem to view a map of anything but the switches - is it possible to show other devices too ?

If it makes a difference we have various Netgear “smart” switches. GS748Tv5, GS724Tv3, GS108Tv2 switches.

They will show only if they support lldp cdp or fdp. Unless you turn on MAC address but that’s gonna look messy.

The switches have FDP, but the various connected devices (workstations, servers) don’t (currently they mostly don’t even have SNMP turned on). So I would need to enable SNMP on all the things and hope that they provide FDB to get things to work out of the box?

How can I enable using the MAC addresses ? I tried changing the map from using xDP to ARP and just got an error about there not being any information… which granted (except for the router which seems to report both) it appears that the network devices are only returning FDB and LLDP but not ARP tables, but anything in FDB is also a MAC, is essentially a more informative version of ARP table, so why can’t that information be used ?

You would have to add those devices and they would need to have lldp or cdp or fdp