Network map

I’m wandering how the network map is constructed. I read the docs and I found that it uses MAC addresses and xDP . I believe that both are enabled.I would like to have a L2 map, but the one that I obtain is wrong.Moreover it doesn’t show me all the node of my lan (6 devices).
Where can I better understand this mechanism?

Thanks in advance,

Are all those devices in LibreNMS?

Yes. Two of them are added just with the ping. I have a managed switch and with lantopolog I’m able to find the correct topology.

The network map will only show devices that are in LibreNMS. And its not perfect i wouldn’t use it for any exact display of info… the code still needs work.

Looks like you have devices that dont support xDP. Try enabling MAC.

I put this in my config. php
$config['network_map_items'] = array('mac','xdp');
Should it be active?

Again the map is not perfect and needs work on the code side of things i have found.