Network Names, Trying to use ifAlias


I have an issue similar to what is outlined here - and I have tried the config.php modification captured in that thread … but it seems to not be working for me? Here is what I see (example port) when I set $config['os']['windows']['ifname'] = true; in config.php,

Some “odd” name => I’d like the connection to be called Ethernet (MB), just like it is in Windows. So then I tried changing to $config['os']['windows']['ifname'] = false; in config.php, and I get,

Hmmm … OK, how to get the name to be Ethernet (MB) … again, like it is in Windows. I did also check, and from snmp (walk),

IF-MIB::ifAlias.9 = STRING: Ethernet (MB)

OK, so I just want ifAlias to be used for the Port name. Is there a way to do that?


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