New feature: docker containers


I want to build something like proxmox part but for docker containers.
At this time I’ve build a small curl based api grabber for basic stats like container name, id, cpu usage, mem usage and pids (teste on linux).
As far as I can tell I would need some DB table to save the data but I cannot figure, for now at least, where should I start integrate it in webui (been wandering between libvirt aproach or app like aproach?
Also it will be better to go on with the api approach or something like snmp extend app?

Does the proxmox table look suitable? If so we could change that to be a generic name and add a vm_type column to distinguish the different vm’s

No, it’s not suitable at current state.
ATM the required fields would be:

  • container id
  • image name
  • active cpus
  • cpu usage
  • ram usage
  • number of pids

Sorry I should have been more specific, someone is extending out proxmox support:

this one looks like it can accomodate docker containers also.

Ace, we will hopefully be merging soon.