New installation - Two issues I can't fix. Help please?

G’day guys and girl.

I’ve finally managed to get NMS installed and mostly working. Happy days! I’ve got two issues I can’t seem to work out how to resolve, asking for some help getting this done please.

  1. Is there any way to update all current devices with the new storage warn % globally set? I’ve updated the warn percentage in config.php to reflect a new global warn percentage of 80% but noticed this has not propagated to devices already installed. New devices are fine, existing ones are not.
    A see a few others have had the same question but I’ve not really found a solid fix to this other than update devices manually. That’s not an option unfortunately.

  2. I have noticed that the device availability widget does not reflect the current status of a device. For example, if a device has a warning or critical alert the device is still green in the dashboard. The only time this seems to work as I think it should is if the device is not responding (down) or has rebooted recently.
    Is there any way to enforce alert status of devices in the availability map?

Ay help I can get would be much appreciated, working to a tight expectations and all that not so fun stuff.


For the first one, sadly no. Your only choice here is to do it via sql.

For the second… Device availability does what the names sais. Its only availability and not status of the sensors. But I think is a good suggestion for feature requests.

Thanks for the reply mate.

1 - I am completely hopeless with SQL. I don’t suppose you could shoot me to an example SQL query that will change the setting on all devices?

2 - What is the preferred method for sending in a feature request?

Thanks again.


UPDATE `storage` SET `storage_perc_warn` = 80 WHERE `storage_perc_warn` = 60

But first you need to enter mysql with mysql -u librenms -p librenms that will ask your for the database password for user librenms.

For the feature request there is a specific sub

Thank you kindly. Appreciate it.