New MIB/OS discovery

Adding a new vendor file into my Libre install. Is there a way to automate the discovery yaml file for the OS? I have a MIB file from the vendor and put it in its own mib folder, and I have created the OS yaml … no luck getting Libre to read the OS from the device. I don’t quite follow the next steps of the guide at

Does anyone have a guide they have written up that might show the process from a slighlty different angle that might help me get past my current spot?



Adding a mib file (as you have discovered) does nothing. A mib file is simply a map for the data.

What I prefer is to look at examples of what others have done.

You can find many examples here;"Device+%3Adesktop_computer%3A"+

Maybe look into something like this:

If you follow the guide and look at a real example at the same time, maybe that helps?

How much of the /librenms/includes/definitions/discovery/{NEWOS}.yaml needs to be manually created? This device has over 500 oids in the MIB file… do i need to coorelate all of them?


Yes it’s created manually, but you rarely define more than a few ones. Not everything is interesting to monitor :slight_smile:

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