New OS almost works

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I just add a new OS, almost everything worked.
But I have some problems:

a) memory and processor stats didn’t work. They are in a diferent mib file.
b) How to use count sensor ? I also unable to find any examples. But, I don’t know even if it is correct, since there is no index for it.
c) how do I use sensors from diferents mib ? I mean, how to put diferents mib in discovery/parks.yaml file ?
d) VLAN informations aren’t in the default mib, those informations are in proprietary mib file, how do I show it ?

The OS detection works correct, and the sensor from ONE mibs works just fine.
Device is a OLT from Parks vendor, did any works with this devices ?

Discovery and poller output :

yaml files:

Your mempool/processor definitions should be inside includes/definitions/discovery/parks.yaml

Too use multiple mibs, use mib: PARKS-SFP-MIB:ANOTHER-MIB-HERE

Add a pull request with your changes so far, it’s easier to help that way

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