New plugin xDP

Hi All,

I also done a plugin to graph cdp/lldp neibours in svg and it can export to weathermap configuration if you use that plugin.

Feel free to use if anyone is interested. =)
Have fun!


Interesting I will give it a try. You should add this into the code base instead of a plug-in. :grinning:

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@Kevin_Krumm @PipoCanaja
I have not had the time to get into the code of LibreNMS yet and still suck at git :clown_face:
But if anyone want to use my code and integrate it into the official code it is ofc very very welcome.
I am mostly network engineer and not devolper but I was missing some features in LibreNMS that I had in our old tool Netdot. And when I had done the svg I vas just thinking why not create Weathermap-data aswell :crazy_face:.
The plugin system of LibreNMS was really easy to get into aswell as the database structure. But the WebUI… :fearful:
Maybe some day when I get the time I can try to getinto the WebUI code of Libre to integrate it there but that will be in the future.:flying_saucer:


No worries most us and the community are not “developers” we are just passionate about librenms.

Check out this doc on using git.

You bring up a good point. Perhaps the plugin system is a good way to test internal features that will eventually make it into the code. I haven’t tried your plugin yet but I’ll do it soon.