New sensors: Eaton gigabit network card and Environment sensor 2

Im upgraded an old Eaton UPS that with a new gigabit network card that makes use of a new EMPDT1H1C2 environment monitor

The sensors for temperature, humidity and contact sensor states are not displayed in LibreNMS. This was working fine with the older network card and environment sensor.

./discovery.php -h ups-9px -d | ./

./poller.php -h ups-9px -r -f -d | ./

snmpwalk -OUneb -v2c -c public ups-9px . | ./

EDIT: I noticed theres additional data relating to the environment card when I run this through e web interface so have stored the web page output on pastebin here.

link to MIB data, included in this zip under EATON-EMP-MIB

thank you for considering adding these new sensors.

(Imported from, Original request by: @917huB)