New User - Question about "Update URL"


Long time Cacti user here testing out LibreNMS. LibreNMS is a superior solution, but one feature I like about Cacti is the ability to add selected graphs to a single page. I see one way for sure to do this in LibreNMS by creating a dashboard with a widget for every graph I want to see. Great for my main office where I just want to watch ASA traffic or a couple of Metro Ethernet trunks, but not if I want a more dynamic way to watch a large number of specific ports.

Case in point… I would like to be able to see all 72 ports to which APs are connected in a single building. Since all port descriptions contain “WAP” it appears that the best option is to click on All Ports and create a filter to winnow down to those 72 ports. Is there a way to save this filter (along with other filters) so that I can simply click on it later to view just those ports? It isn’t clear to me what the “Update URL” link does on this page.

Any advice appreciated.

Ideally you can pull from the beginning of the port desciption otherwise i think you need a custom parser.

For example if your port descriptions started with WAP:

or to add it to the ports menu, you can edit the config.php per the doc.

If you can’t pull from description, and you want all those ports on the same graph, you can combine them like this. (port id,123,124,125),124,125/type=multiport_bits_separate

you could then add that to a custom menu or a multiport graph on your dashboard.

Billing module is also another option.

I think “Update URL” just pushes whatever you searched into a shareable URL, so for the last SNMP poll, you could easily see all WAP port descriptions like this

Thanks for the response. I’ll do some tinkering.

One question… I’m looking at the Doc you referenced and it says to create the custom.blade.php in resources/views/menu/ … what is the full path? (I’m testing with the Centos VM right now)

Cancel that… Just realized that the VM I’m using still references “/opt/librenms/includes/html/” in the “print-menubar.php” file.

Your install is out of date or you are on the monthly release cycle.

Yeah… I just grabbed the OVA file. We are building an install from scratch now on a physical server. It took about 5 minutes to realize I have been wasting my time with Cacti.

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