Next Major Alerting-Update: Done


I’m working on resolving these issues:

The end of the journey will be system that can provide basic routing of the notifications.
To clarify, at first I do not intend to route receivers of notifications.

The user will be able to change or discard the transport of the notification based on metadata like interation count or notification age and other metrics (Feedback wished) or other rules.


  • if rule device-status fails, dont bother sending alerts for the rest of the rules applied to the device
  • if the notification has been sent every minute for the past 5 minutes, increase the interval to X
  • if the notification hasn’t been ack’d after 15 minutes from the incident, use the SMS-transport to escalate

As usual I will push all beta code in my repo at
I will make an autobuild on our CI, FYI.

I cannot give an ETA, this all happens in my free-time between job and uni.

Feedback & Comments appreciated. Feel free to use this issue as wishlist.

In Tests:

  • Message Routing
  • Add elseif control into Templates
  • Select arbitrary data from within a Template

In Progress:

  • Message Routing
  • Overall Query and Control Language Remake
  • HTML & Subject definitions within Templates (Perhaps with logic)


  • Last RRD-Field data alert



What is the state of message routing and alert escalation ?


Routing is done and I don’t know what you mean by escalation.

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